Professional athletes and coaches face confusing multiple state tax issues. These tax issues and complexities not only face the multimillionaires who play in leagues such as the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA, but also affect the athletes and coaches who perform at the minor league level as well.

Our goal is to provide our clients with sound ethical advice along with the peace of mind in knowing that their taxes are properly prepared and the government is not over taxing them.

Your tax issues grow more complicated as your income increases. Multiple state tax issues are common for the many athletes who play games and earn income throughout North America. Our services are focused on these specific tax issues. We protect your best interest and income.

As a client of AFP Consulting, you will be provided with the following services:

  1. Preparation of United States federal, all state, and local tax returns as well as Canadian tax returns
  2. Advice on navigating international taxes
  3. Advice on where and how to establish home state residency
  4. Strategies for minimizing your state tax liabilities
  5. Tax planning and analysis when signing a new contract
  6. Correspondence with Federal and state agencies
  7. Advice on what expenses can be used to lower your income tax burden

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