AFP Consulting has extensive knowledge of unique athletic tax deductions and bonuses. Our team works exclusively with professional athletes and coaches to make sure you score a bigger return and keep a greater percentage of your salary. Your tax issues grow more complicated as your income increases. Multiple state tax issues are common for the many athletes who play games and earn income throughout North America. Our services are focused on these specific tax issues. We protect your best interest and income.

As a client of AFP Consulting, you will be provided with the following services:

  1. Preparation of United States federal, all state, and local tax returns as well as Canadian tax returns
  2. Advice on navigating international taxes
  3. Advice on where and how to establish home state residency
  4. Strategies for minimizing your state tax liabilities
  5. Tax planning and analysis when signing a new contract
  6. Correspondence with Federal and state agencies
  7. Advice on what expenses can be used to lower your income tax burden

We strive to give you exceptional service within a friendly, ethical atmosphere. AFP Consulting remains available and accessible year-round for financial services.

An educated client is our best client.

As part of our service, we help you better understand the particular tax matters that affect your situation. By educating you, we give you the opportunity to better utilize our tax service and lessen your overall tax burden.

Learn from us. AFP Consulting makes it easy to become tax-savvy by giving you:

  • Biannual newsletters to keep you updated on the general tax planning strategies, as well as the latest changes in the tax laws that may affect you.
  • Awareness of possible deductions available to professional athletes and coaches (that may lower your overall tax burden).
  • Advice tailored to your particular state and residential requirements.
  • Free informational seminars throughout the year at your facilities to provide tips, advice, and answers to your questions.
  • An easy-to-complete tax questionnaire that helps us prepare your taxes in the most convenient, efficient manner.
  • 24-hour support by phone, fax, and email.

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